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Selling Internationally Costs More than Selling at Home

Scenario: market research endeavor turns up immediate international sales prospects We set up a series of meetings for Belinda to offer her company's catalog of personal care products targeting spas and wellness centers in Mexico. She has done some research about the...

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Building relationships in virtual meetings

VEDP's 2021 delegation creates ties in Mexico We've wrapped up our 2021 trade mission for Virginia to Mexico, which was all virtual this year. It was honestly fantastic-- our 6th year as a company doing missions, and we've never been happier with trade mission...

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Delegación México-Virginia, EUA 2021

Virginia, EU ofrece la oportunidad de conocer a diversas empresas medianas, pequeñas y grandes cada quien con oferta especializada buscan desarrollar relaciones comerciales en México

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Virtual meetings best practices

Today we presented at a lunch event hosted by TriVision and the Northern Virginia Technology Council on how to make the most of virtual sales meetings. A lot of our clients are still getting used to the process and are less familiar with some of...

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