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How the 2020 Virginia Trade Mission went Virtual

Last time we posted it was in February, to let Mexico know about the 9 Virginia companies that would be coming down this year for the 2020 VEDP Trade Mission. Boy did we not see covid coming! But here we are. The Virginia mission, an annual event where a...

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A note on AMLO

This is for our colleagues north of the border interested in our perspective on the election of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador as President of Mexico. Yesterday AMLO won the Mexican Presidency by a large margin, 30%, and by all accounts fairly. He was up against 3 other...

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The news malls of Mexico City

I’m usually looking for little microcosms of news to help me better express what I mean when I speak on aspects of the Mexican business landscape. Well here is one I found today, published by one of my favorite magazine groups, Expansion, through its...

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Energy Reforms and Manufacturing in Mexico

Lots of perspectives and commentary swirls around the 2013 Energy Reforms in Mexico. The Reforms permit more private participation in the production of both Oil and Gas and Electricity, plus in some cases greater downstream support by the private sector. The bylaws...

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