Privacy notice

Neighbors International S.A. de C.V. and Vecinos NB, S.C., (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Neighbors”), with address at Amsterdam 240 Suite 301, Hipodromo in the Municipality of Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, 06100 and website, is responsible for the use and protection of your personal data in accordance with the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in the Possession of Private Parties, (the “Law”) and its Regulations (the “Regulations”). By granting your consent for your personal data to be processed in accordance with the provisions of this privacy notice (the “Privacy Notice”), it is understood that you have reviewed, read, and accepted the terms of this Privacy Notice.

1. Personal Data

To carry out the purposes described in this Privacy Notice, we may use one or more of the following personal data (hereinafter “Personal Data”):
• Full name
• E-mail address
• Mobile number
• Photograph
• Official Identification
• Birth Certificate
• Proof of Address
• Unique Key of Population Registry
• Tax Identification Card
• Social Security Card
• Proof of Studies
• Driver’s License
• Professional License
• Passport
• U.S. Visa

Your Personal Data will be stored with the necessary administrative, technical, and physical security measures to guarantee its privacy and confidentiality. Personal Data will be protected against damage, loss, alteration, destruction or unauthorized use, access, or treatment. Should Neighbors require any other documentation considered as personal data other than that indicated above, it will be treated in the same terms indicated in this Privacy Notice.

2. Intended use for your Personal Data

You hereby consent and authorize that the Personal Data provided by you may be transferred to related companies, subsidiaries, suppliers or to whomever you maintain a legal relationship with, for the sole purpose of complying with the purposes described in the Privacy Notice. In addition, we guarantee that the transfers made will comply at all times with the provisions of article 36 of the Law and article 38 of the Regulation.

3. Transfer of Personal Data

The Personal Data we collect from you will be used for the following purposes, as required for the provision of services requested from Neighbors: development of professional inquiries, preparation of legal instruments, marketing or advertising, commercial prospecting and the provision of general professional services that are entrusted to us.

4. Revocation of consent, limitation of use or disclosure of Personal Data and the exercise of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition (ARCO) rights

You are entitled be aware of what Personal Information we collect from you, what we use it for and the conditions of use provided to you (Access). In addition, it is your right to request the correction of your personal information should it be outdated, inaccurate or incomplete (Rectification); you may ask that we remove it from our records or databases when you consider that it is not being used properly (Cancellation); as well as to oppose the use of your personal data for specific purposes (Opposition), limit its use or disclosure, or revoke the consent you have given us for the processing of such data, (these rights are known as your “ARCO” rights). You may revoke your consent, if any, for the processing of your personal data or the personal data of minors or incapacitated persons that you as a parent, guardian or legal representative have provided to us. However, it is important to consider that we will not always be able to respond to your request or terminate the use immediately, since it is possible that, for any legal obligation, your personal data may be required to continue being processed. Also, you should consider that, for certain purposes, the revocation of your consent will mean that we can no longer provide the service you requested, as well as the termination of your relationship with us.

5. How to exercise your ARCO rights

If you wish to exercise any of your ARCO rights, you must submit the respective request via e-mail to:
The request letter must be signed by the holder of the Personal Data, containing: holder’s name, a clear and precise description of the personal data with respect to which the holder seeks to exercise any of his/her ARCO rights and the specific ARCO right to be exercised, a valid official identification with photograph belonging to the holder and, if applicable, his/her legal representative, as well as the document proving their legal capacity (power of attorney), address or e-mail address to notify the response and contact telephone number. In case of rectification, please specify the modifications to be made and provide the relevant documentation to support your request.
The Contact Information of the person or department responsible for the processing of requests for ARCO rights includes the following:
• Name of the person or Department of Personal Data: Rodrigo Obregón Espinosa
• Address: Amsterdam 240 Suite 301, Hipodromo, Municipality of Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, Mexico, 06100.
• Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
• E-mail address:
• Neighbors will issue a response to your request within 20 business days.

How will your personal data be delivered once the cancellation of your consent has been granted?

The delivery will be free of charge through the e-mail address you provide for such purposes. If you require the information to be delivered otherwise, you will only have to cover the justified shipping costs and/or the cost of reproduction in copies or other formats that may be generated.

Procedure related to the Notification of Changes in the Privacy Notice

Any changes made to this Privacy Notice will be reflected on the website: