What is Neighbors?

Neighbors International is a small consulting firm, of four permanent consultants plus individuals who support us on a project basis. In many of our projects, whether for our clients or internal initiatives, everyone participates. It’s therefore important to have a contextual understanding of who we are and what we do as a company. The Junior Consultant, like our Directors and Senior Consultant, effectively gets involved in all areas. Each collaborator has unique strengths and weaknesses, and we are constantly combining forces to help each other to achieve project goals, to innovate and to meet challenges.

Our consulting services are specialized for international business development in B2B markets. We have two business lines. The first is International Trade. Our international trade services support foreign government programs in export development into Mexico, as well as large, foreign-based market intelligence firms. Through these large and institutional clients, Neighbors performs market research, lead generation, business introductions, and strategy recommendation services on behalf of internationally based companies who are seeking to develop their sales in Mexico.

Our second line of business is Sales Representation. In this line we support three US-based data management companies by developing customer contacts for them in Mexico and helping their customers realize benefit from their services.

We aren’t limited to any specific industries. Our specialty is finding useful information within the Mexican business landscape and turning it into actionable plans for our clients. However we have the highest demand for projects in Manufacturing/Processing, IT and Telecommunications, Aerospace, Security, Natural Resources.

The job

The Junior Consultant will be critical to achieving our projected growth in the short and medium term. The Junior Consultant’s unique responsibility is helping organize and “translate” the results of our market research and sales activities into information of real commercial value to Neighbors and our clients. In addition, the Junior Consultant works alongside the Directors and Senior Consultant to carry out our market interactions. Specific tasks in which the Junior Consultant will frequently engage:

  • Market research (attending industry trade events, interviews with end users, review of publications, contact identification and verification)
  • Compiling research (in the CRM, in rich databases, converting information to deliverable reports)
  • Exploitation of Neighbors’ CRM data
  • Occasionally (after an initial period of learning) the Junior Consultant may accompany foreign clients to visit customers in Mexico City and other parts of the country

Desired characteristics of candidate:

  • Interested in learning about a variety of industries
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Critical analysis skills
  • Communication skills, principally in the ability to clearly structure and relate ideas
  • Desire to contribute new ideas
  • Initiative in solving problems

Job parameters:

  • Full time in the office (36 hours per week); three or four weeks a year may require more time, but we offer flexible scheduling as compensation after heavier work periods.
  • Daily schedule is entering between 8:00 and 9:30, leaving between 5 and 6:30. The important thing is to get your work done on time and being available to help when we need you.
  • Office located in la Colonia Cuauhtemoc near the intersection of Reforma and Insurgentes
  • Salary 11-13,000 MXN net per month, depending on desired benefits, with evaluation every six months
  • Casual and collaborative work environment with high professional and performance standards