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A note on AMLO

This is for our colleagues north of the border interested in our perspective on the election of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador as President of Mexico. Yesterday AMLO won the Mexican Presidency by a large margin, 30%, and by all accounts fairly. He was up against 3 other very strong, well-qualified and/or likeable candidates, so it […]

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Customs / Aduanas / Freight Forwarding

We’ve only interacted with Mexican customs (aside from personally at the airport) through brokers… FedEx’s brokers, UPS’s brokers, Mailboxes Etc’s brokers, the freight forwarder Expeditors, but also some independent brokers. In terms of getting our shipments through, the results with each have been the same in the sense that you’ve really got to err on […]

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VA Conference on World Trade

We just came back from a week in Virginia to attend VEDP’s Conference on World Trade, and meet with lots of companies interested in Mexico! Neighbors met with around 20 companies over three days who provide products and services in IT, chemistry and biochem, aviation, security and medical aids, among others. We also had the […]

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