Mexican Market Sectors

Mexico is the world’s twelfth-largest economy with a thriving manufacturing sector, increasing telecommunications connectivity that is driving demand in the ICT sectors, and important changes fueling growth in the energy sector.

Neighbors provides service across these sectors and more. We’re on the ground in Mexico to help you develop the right contacts to grow your business where you want it to.

The US Commercial Service office in Mexico identifies the following industries as the best opportunities for US companies:

-Agribusiness and Agriculture
-Automotive Parts and Supplies
-Education and Training Services
-Energy Sector
-Environmental Sector
-Franchising Sector
-Housing and Construction
-Internet and IT Services
-IT Health Care
-Medical Devices
-Packaging Equipment
-Plastic Materials/Resins
-Renewable Energy
-Security, Safety Equipment & Services (includes Defense)
-Telecommunications Equipment
-Transportation Infrastructure
-Travel and Tourism Services