About Us

Neighbors is a consulting firm based in Mexico City that specializes in helping foreign companies find their way in the Mexican market, whether through providing sales contacts, business research, or support in marketing and logistics. Our leadership team is proudly bi-national, from the United States and Mexico.


Our experience is rooted in our work as Mexico representatives of foreign government export programs. Our lead consultants have worked as global partners for the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development. Since 2013, Neighbors is the Mexico contractor for the Virginia Economic Development Partnership. We are also the provider of Global Consulting Network support in Mexico for the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade.

In our work supporting international companies seeking business in Mexico, we have developed contacts in the information technology, data, automotive, aerospace, security, mining, food and beverage, construction and energy sectors. We have run trade missions, organized individual market visits, written white papers, exhibited in trade shows, performed due diligence research, conducted outreach trips, given capabilities presentations, and generated many a contact list.

We have also provided ongoing support to individual companies on a direct basis. We know firsthand what selling in Mexico involves, and our sister company Vecinos NB represents three companies in sales development for their data management and related services in Mexico: QTS, Kina, and Ozmo.


Though it is our business to guide you, we also like to help you learn. We want to get you standing on your feet as quickly as possible. Our “show your work” approach means we not only give you the intelligence you need; we also show you where it comes from, so you can keep generating more.

We believe that the best part of doing business in Mexico is the relationships you will develop here, and we also know that those relationships are a big part of what will lead you to success. Neighbors, as you will find in Mexican business culture itself, places great emphasis on the human factor; every contact we make for you is personal.